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Project Description

Docphin came to MSC with the goal of building an easily curated and customisable set of medical journals in a mobile app. Using our work as a springboard Docphin has been able to grow their business exponentially and secure partnerships with many prestigious medical firms.

MSC built the Docphin app from the ground up and, at a time when it was more pain than pleasure, built out several completely separate interfaces to better showcase Docphin content while making the app as intuitive as possible. Utilizing a Ruby on Rails back-end to capture the content and an iOS front-end to consume and curate, Docphin made medical journals exciting again.

Client's Name : Docphin


Main Street is a consistently dependable team to work with. They truly are a partner for us and have become an indispensable resource.

Chris Lunt, VP Engineering, GetInsured