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Project Description

PHR came to MSC with the idea of building a mobile app that could be used in to gather and track vital information about the rampant sexual assaults and instances of torture that plague third world countries. Thrilled to give back, MSC worked closely with PHR to generate a comprehensive set of requirements and methodologies that could be used to build out the new mobile app.

Using Ruby on Rails and Couchbase for the back-end functionality and Android for the front-end, MSC was able to devise a completely customisable system that enables the PHR team to generate crisis-specific medical intake forms that can be used to document various assaults and crimes with the end goal of making a completely secure and customisable interface that gathers enough information (in a reliable and verifiable way) so that perpetrators can be brought to justice.

Client's Name : PHR


Main Street Computing is a great partner. They rebuilt our entire product line and got it done when they said they would. I would absolutely use them again.

Scott Giles, President, Scorebuilders